Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ASC (Automatic Sleep Control)

I can't sleep.

No seriously. I really can't. It's a major problem.

I'm beginning to think it has less to do with me not being tired and is more of a neurotic representation of my ongoing stress. Angst manifested.

Ooooh and I realized something a couple of days ago. You know when you're in that in between faze in the morning. You know, between consciousness and unconsciousnesses, but you would much rather like to prolong the latter. Well I've noticed that if I am in this state while in the midst of a dream, albeit complex or not, I can induce more sleep by re-conjuring the dream. I was so excited when I realized this. I literally slept for hours after my usual wake up time all because I willed myself back into a little fantasy world. I love when I have control like that. Does that say something about me? And if it does, is it a bad thing? A good thing? Just a thing?

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