Monday, June 9, 2008


There's this movie Evening, which stars Claire Danes and is the story of an elderly dying woman remembering the period in her youth that seemed to have defined who she was.

Anyhoo the movie, like a select other a few, really made me think. I do not want to end up marrying someone I am not in love with and lying on my death bed regretting choices I did or did not make. Life is all about choices right? And you sort of never know how it'll end up. Are you going to regret having made a certain decision or regret not having made it?

At the end of the movie the main character's estranged best friend comes to visit her and before leaving also has a small heart to heart with her friend's daughter, who was having the same inner turmoil I guess the movie evoked in me. She didn't want to miss out on her life and live regrets and be unfulfilled like she thought her mother was. But what she didn't realize is that by not doing things for fear of it not being right, she was truly was missing out on her life and maintaining a static and 'unfulfilled' existence. It's all about risk and taking leaps of faith and yes while somethings may appear regrettable you come to realize nothing is really a mistake. Because if you allow yourself to grow from it, it just makes you stronger and wiser and ultimately better because of it.

So yah... thats my take on that movie. On another tangent... The damn 'L' key on my keyboard is playing games with my life by being stuck and stubborn. Irksome.

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