Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fashion Rocks (I ♥ the Details Magazine Supplement)

Until very recently I was not a fan of Rihanna and to be quite honest I still don't think I am fan of her music (even though Take a Bow is my current anthem and the Maroon 5 collabo If I Never See You Again is my new favorite video... Adam Levine being the fat free skim milk to my sugar free caramel iced latte) But I'll admit the girl has inspired me beyond belief style wise. I just yearn to look that effortlessly rockerish, yet chic. Trendy, yet haute couture. The chick has melded fashion perfection... at least in my eyes. I even find myself painting my nails the boldest colors in the world because she did (I know. I know. if swagger jack isn't my middle name) In less than two weeks I've gone through pink, royal blue, yellow, black diamond, maude, and white. And the shorter she cuts her hair the more fabulous she looks! And to boot, after reading the article from June's issue of Elle, she seems intuitive and secure like a friend I would surround myself with. I eat my words from 3 years ago! Chick is flyy...

As for Miss Nicole Richie, (BTW she was always the more witty and humorous one on the Simple Life, probably the prettier one too. sry Paris. ) this chick has always caught my eye with her fashion sense. Even in her trashier days it was never an unfortunate Xtina h.a.m. situation (much love to the Aguilera though. Stripped was my fav album for like 3 years. And I love Understand and Without you from the last one. but seriously Christina natural is the way to go. the bleached blond hair, faux tan, and red lipstick is smothering the natural beauty we all know you're capable of. so like yea. fix that sit), but instead a more 'unguided' (maybe a lot unguided lol) rocker boho look. But as she has matured Nicole has truly blossomed into one of most stylish women out there. In the recent Harper's Bazaar issue she claims that her child saved her life. In a way I believe it. She has definitely matured into a better person without losing the flair that makes her... well her. Just luvs it.

I guess I'll end this entry with a little before and after action. Evolutionary visuals always seem to engage the masses lol. And let it be a lesson to us all. Say what you want, but having a sense style and knowing how to present yourself well will get you far in life because no offense to my two fav new muses, if they weren't the fashionable women they were I probably would not have been moved to write this and I think it's safe to say I'm not the only one with those sentiments. Keep it stylish guys and let it rock. :)

Nicky dearest has gone from this:

To this:

et Riri from this blaséness:

To this stylistic icon in the making:

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