Monday, June 23, 2008

haha REAL funny

Apparently I am a desperate housewife in the making.

I was talking to my friend Ev today and he told me if he didn't know me and read my blog he would think I was a wino who had her therapist on speed dial. I laughed. +2 Ev. +2

And then my sister had the nerve to co-sign saying that her friend from school thought I was off the deep end or something to that effect? I tend to exaggerate for theatrics and a dramatized effect. Most creative people do. And yes. I consider myself creatively inclined.

But really though?

I mean blogging is fun. And I suppose I do like to ramble and air my thoughts out on a world wide medium [I'm sure I'll regret this if I ever do decide to run for some political office. ah well. at least I never got the guts to try out for the Real World (Kenya you were supposed to do it with me! Or was that Raquel?). talk about career ruiner] , but I am TOO far from the pill popping Britney Spears', Lindsay Lohan's, etc.. out there. Maybe if their asses wrote their problems out in a song or a screen play (respectively of course) they might get their lives together and some much needed work. Just sayin...

But back to the issue at hand.

Crazy I am not. Self consumed, neurotic, inpatient, etc.. I am, but that's a laundry list of characteristics 98% of pple can add to their self description at least every now and then. But I will admit that after re-reading several of my posts I sound like an unfulfilled housewife with a lot of non life threatening issues. LOL. And to think I made fun of people like that not to long ago. ::cough cough:: Yesterday.

Now Tyra on the other hand... Did anyone see her Emmy acceptance speech? Talk about doing the effing most. She always kills it. And so not in the good way.

Until the next time I find something interesting to talk about.


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Evon said...

Ev here! I'm honored to be mentioned. You need to dance/party your problems away lol!