Monday, June 9, 2008

I really need to be more like Charlotte

Proven wrong. 
I was not too excited to go see Sex & The City this past Friday. I watched the show enough times to be familiar with the characters and their personalities, but I was not a die hard SATC fan...

mais mon Dieu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That movie was just great. It was a perfect good time and a sigh of relief from the movies that have been crowding the box office recently (movies that I love, but every now and then you need a dash of fun). Either its a film about stark and blunt reality (i.e. Juno) or one that left me feeling dead inside (i.e. Atonement) or an action film that left little to the imagination (i.e. everything else). SATC could not have come at a more perfect time. And unlike what I previously thought it was going to rely on... lots and lots of sex... the movie actually paid more attention to the strong and endearing friendship these women have. And let us not forget THE CLOTHES! THE CLOTHES!! The CLOTHES!!! Gosh I think I got a little hot and bothered each time I saw a particular article of clothing, shoe, bag or entire outfit that completely R.O.C.K.E.D.

And then of course you cannot neglect to mention what every group of girlfriends do when watching shows like Sex and the City or Girlfriends (James you're right I am more of a Joan than a Toni lol) or Cashmere Mafia. The question arises "Ooooh I wonder which one I am?" Well I've come to realize I am a perfect meld of Carrie and Miranda (Marrie, Carranda, Micky?). I can be fun and witty like Carrie, but I can also be driven and a perfectionist like Miranda, so much to the point that I neglect everyone else's feelings (not on purpose) because I am so wrapped up in trying to make everything right for me. Also I have a nag for being a realist. But after watching the movie I wish I was more like Charlotte...sometimes. Her unwavering optimism made me wish I had only a tenth of it. And like, she really really believes in love or at least the idea of it and tries her best to maintain and uphold it. Hey she might be believing in an ideal but at least she's believing in something and it shows since she had the most stable and loving relationship with her sig other out of all of her friends.

If you ask me, we all need to be a little like Charlotte every now and then. We'd all be a little happier... annoying carefree, put together (is that oxymoronic?) and blissful (well at least to the hardcore Miranda's out there lol), but happier than you!

take that. take that.
::insert beginning instrumental track to 'Hypnotize'::

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