Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Merci Seattle's Best

I connected with Nancy for once. She's usually a very elusive character with a personality like a labyrinth. But that's neither here nor there. This week's episode of Weeds showcased the HBIC having a moment of clarity in the drive thru line at Popeye's. Yes Popeye's. Very original.

Well mines wasn't in line at a fried chicken fast food chain, but instead at the Borders Cafe in Chestnut Hill. I put too much Splenda in my large Iced Coffee and the artificial sweetener overload sent a shock to my brain. But it wasn't just my body reacting to the plethora of cancer crystals in my beverage... in that moment I had a very out of body and enlightening expereince. I won't divulge my inner secrets, but let's just say I'm good. So very fucking good.

As we all know my summer did not go exactly as planned, but I've come to realize c'est la vie. You live and you learn. And I've learned. A lot. I won't say that this summer was exactly life changing. Only time will determine that. I suppose I had a little Walkabout of my own, but instead of wandering around the Australian wilderness, I roamed and ultimately conquered me... I'm starting this year with a fresh new outlook. Goals planned out. Goals accomplished. Mini mishaps easily worked around, but most avoided. Tis' a good year I forsee. Fiscal years begin in October and my year begins July. July 15th.

I'm good. So. Very. Good.

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