Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ten Things

  1. Jesse Jackson needs to cease and desist.
  2. The cover of Nas' album makes me cringe. But in a good way. Controversy is necessary.
  3. I love all of Rihanna's tattoos.
  4. MTV's G's to Gent's is not good, but surprisingly The N's Queen B's is. I know. I'm just as shocked as you.
  5. I believe myself and Cornel West to be kindred spirits.
  6. I can't wait until I'm driving my new Versa back to school :)
  7. I emailed this Wall Street MD mentioned in an Essence article and she actually emailed back and wants to set something up! I'm becoming more proactive with my life if you couldn't tell.
  8. Why were the cast members, except Brianna, acting so weird and uncomfortable on the reunion special? And on the by and by, that Suzy look-a-like host needs to be handed her letter or resignation.
  9. I shed a tear when En Vogue came out with A.Keys at the BET awards.
  10. I miss Cashmere Mafia :( And as a replacement I've become addicted to the majority of Showtime series. And Gossip Girls. I blame OnDemand...and online streaming.

I promise I will soon be writing more substantive posts. Envision late afternoon news. You have ABC's World News on one hand and ET, Extra, etc.. on the other. Now meld the two and splash in moi. Make sense? :)

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