Friday, August 8, 2008

Silly Silly Show


That is the one word I think of when reminded of the illogical decisions of the judges last night on America's Best Dance Crew and of the American voters who led to the end of the greatness that is Fanny Pak.

Actually my first response was "What the hell?!"

Same difference. I was utterly shocked when I heard the results. Thinking to myself "after consistently amazing and flawless performances, a standing ovation, and a stellar performance last night (especially since the other crews the past 3 episodes paled in comparison. scratch that. paled always), did America and the judges really just send them home?"

But when you really think about it, I'm not too shocked. Americans have proven time and time again that the narrow minded and the unenlightened will always be on top. Many Americans wouldn't know or appreciate true talent if it smacked them in the face 2 times (which is what I want to do to somebody! lol). I mean this country voted for Bush twice and I bet if you asked any of them, 75% wouldn't be able to name a damn person on his cabinet. smh.

Yup. This is the disappointment and outrage I'll feel if the clear and most fitting for the time loses in November...

I digress... anyfanny,

Fanny Pak has been the most innovative, creative, technically strong, trained, disciplined, synchronized, intricate, complex, precise, and energetic crew that show has ever seen and truly should have won. It's a disgrace and even more offensive (read insulting) that they came in 3rd to the lackluster and uninspired So Real Cru and to the mediocre B-Boys of Super Cr3w (Don't get me wrong they were great at stunts, but that was it. Shouldn't breakers also be good at dance choreography, isolations, pop and locking, and most importantly synchronization and precision???) . Talk about offensive.

Personally my final 3 (and in this order) would have been:
  1. Fanny Pak
  2. Supreme Soul
  3. A.S.I.I.D.
There's no reason to watch the show and finale (Will peep just to see Fanny Pak make a reappearance) since they've all been voted off by the masses. And yes. The masses are a bunch of retards.

Alas, c'est la vie, but I hope Fanny Pak will viva la vida and carpe diem and all that jazz because I see great things in their future. This whackems show is so not the end for them.

fanny pak forever!

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