Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a look i can dig hosted by bee-yun-say

finally. finally. finally.

finally beyonce is rocking something i would actually wear and she looks fabulous doing it. walking the streets of vienna (really want to visit there and prague) and whatnot. i would straight swaggerjack this whole look, well less the bag. not feeling that particularly.

and for some reason the curly hair and the fedora is really working. cannot wait to buy some j brand jeans like the ones she has either. the ysl boots get a thumbs up too. really in to yves saint laurent's recent line.

Can we get a two thumbs up for Bey? I say yes. Yes indeed.


and sorry Bey, but Obsessed is kind of umm... i'll just blame it on the poor quality of the writing. And Idris Elba is sexier than fook so I'll omit my critique.

As a Keri Hilson fan, I still found this funny. Apparently Howard produces the most dedicated Beyonce STANS. Here is my sister (she debuts in the 2nd verse. she says she ain't a bey stan and only got on to grace the track with her presence. how incredibly gracious of her. btw Solange ain't ghetto ho. she different. she different) and her college stanettes with their rendition of Keri Hilson's remix to Turning Me On:


ohh and also in honor of her greatness here's this little gem... tehe

"she came at me foul, so i hit her ::insert single ladies choreo::"

"daddy. daddy. matthew. i really want to be a singer"

"we like to play games. like you know. we play like. 'ohhh that hurt. ohhhh, ouch. my face'" -rihanna

"i love hair! i have pounds and pounds in my house"

ok im done

"you ready. let's go get'em",


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