Thursday, July 23, 2009

Black in America 2

I gave Soledad a hard time last year. I won't this time. It's difficult to capture the essence of what it is to be Black in America. She makes a noble attempt by highlighting different facets that make up the composition:

-The underprivileged children from Brooklyn given the chance to volunteer their services and truly witness abject poverty by being flown to South Africa. Kudos to Malaak Rock, Howard alum and wife of comedian Chris Rock for the program. Exposure is key, but if she stresses accountability and the importance of education as the most essential stepping stone for a successful life, as well as constant mentoring, she should witness a positive change in their academic performance.

-Principal Scott Perry and the Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, CT was an amazing story. That is exactly how you tackle the achievement gap.

-The affluent blacks in America segment was necessary, but I cannot say I completely relate. Dr. Miles, the woman speaking came off as a bit exclusionary and elitist. Reminded me of Jack & Jill circa 1940 and paper bag tests. I kid. But seriously, it was slightly off putting. But I'm glad it was highlighted.

-The MLT segment is what resonated the most for me. And to boot John Rice is a fellow LEAD Program in Business alum. As a Cornell graduate and only the 2nd generation in my immediate family to attend college, the young black professional with CFO/CEO aspirations is more or less my career trajectory (In comparison to the abundantly privileged in the above bullet). Mia Jackson is my new role model! I was an Applied Economics & Management major in undergrad, not an engineer, but Northwestern is my dream school. The 3 year accelerated JD/MBA program is my goal in 4-6 years. I'm 20 now. If you're reading check my credentials at 26. It should state the above or better. I was considering a Fashion Apparel & Textile Management/ Specialized Merchandising, Sales, and Marketing Operations related graduate degree or even an Urban & Regional planning one as a joint degree in lieu of the JD, but the MBA is a definite. And Northwestern is #1 on my list. They accepted me undergrad, lets hope favor is granted for graduate.

Overall I enjoyed the 1st episode. Looking forward to tomorrow's. My only suggestion is that social context is explained. Right now its "it is what it is." I would appreciate the Michael Eric Dyson's and Cornel West's of the world to appear on an after show hosted by CNN to get into social and cultural analysis. For those who aren't familiar with the Black experience in America and who assume only the negative and dismiss the obstacles, an after show of that sort would be beneficial.

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