Monday, July 6, 2009

Money Isn't Happines ---> Lies & Deciet

Unless you're Gandhi and/or Siddhartha, aloof statements such as the aforementioned are strictly for the birds. away.

Money does not equal happiness, but it is necessary for happiness. Let's consult our good friend Maslow and his noted Hierarchy. (See! See! I did recall something from those intro courses at Cornell):

Essentially it dictates that you cannot be truly happy and reach a self defining purpose until you at some moment in your life feel as though you're carnal needs are satisfied (food, sleep, sex), you feel secure (resources, steady income. ...hence money) to at least do some of the things you want and have what you need to survive, you feel loved and belonged by someone or a group of people, you're confident in who you are, esteemed by others, and you have a sense of achievement... AND then finally you can achieve self actualization and reach some sort of potential.

My point is, observe how money is near the bottom of the list, by, ya know, basic needs and whatnot. Not that you have to be super wealthy, but having enough of it is necessary for happiness. Just saying...


I felt the need for an addendum. I like that word. Ad-den-dum. Yessssssss.


What bothers me is when people interpret Maslow's hierarchy incorrectly. Most common misinterpretation is when people read the hierarchy like a chronological blueprint for their life. Unh uhh. It does not mean that in your 20's you reach the base block of the pyramid, in your 30's the second, in your 40's you've achieved love & belonging, and finally in your 60's your ass has self actualized. Umm... no. Well sort of, but not really that black & white.

It's more or less at any moment in your life (Let's say my age 20), my physiological needs are satisfied, my safety needs are satisfied (Not actually. Unless I count my parent's income as mine for the time being. ...ok I will for this illustration), I feel love & belonged, I'm confident in myself (For the moment, I'm sure as I mature, self consciousness will lessen.), and then aha! I have a self actualizing moment. A mental breakthrough. An epiphany. I see the light! But it's fleeting.

And as I mature throughout my life these ladders to self actualization deepen and become more meaningful and less fleeting, until I am rich (figuratively and literally tehe) and fully experienced and leave this earth having impacted it purposefully and thoroughly.

So yeah... I totally think it happens like that.

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