Sunday, August 16, 2009


"Ka-kawww is short, poignant, and in a language they understand: Bird."

We are all born destined to be great.

...but Let it be clear that people make a choice to live below their potential. Setbacks occur big or small. And no one is without their personal challenges. None of us are spared in that sense. But your setback ain't that special.

There are those in the class of '09 who had kids in college and are currently about to enroll in a Ivy League Law Schools and others pursuing exciting careers after struggling academically through their college career. My point is NOT a degree or where it comes from. That means nothing. And with or without it, as long as you have ambition and vision you're on your way to GREAT. The point is that Life is what you make of it.

I was brought up to be cordial, pleasant, and to maintain a certain social etiquette. It's why people watching is fun. How people handle social situations. How they interact with those they do know and do not know. Decorum is a class act.

Old friends I keep. But when I'm met with individuals who believe unequivocally rude and tactless is funny and lifestyle appropriate... You have to wonder. ::basic::

It's time to let the Basic be Birds and get on with your life.

People are put in your life for seasons and it always good to cleanse.

Bitch. Boo. Bye.


Kenya Anne said...

As Henry David Thoreau once said, "If a man constantly aspires is he not elevated?" You have aspirations and goals for yourself, you the drive. Those who don't have ambitions are sub-par and thus below you. They embrace the low expectation lifestyle, and expect you to follow suit. Pay them no attention. Let them act out and make fools of themselves. You have more pertinent things on your agenda. Diva.

Evon Burton said...


That is English for "stupid bitches who get pregnant then get mad at the world are not worth it".

m.j♥mmy said...

awww I love when KTG gets all profound. i have no ill words for them besides what i previously wrote. i sent her a private civil and rectifying message and she broadcasted it to the re-re bunch like the Daily News. My olive branch goes but so far. and honestly, i can't determine what and how high their ambitions are. don't really care. there's a reason that night was the 1st time i saw them in god knows when. what i can attest is to how they act in public and the ignorance and impudence they exude. ugh.

and LOLL! ev i love how you changed the definition of bird squawk. after that little rampage she left you, you could have said far worse. her friends can dedicate statuses to me and mine can't simply say "kaw-kawwww". confused as to why she even took offense. you were speaking her language...