Tuesday, April 13, 2010


[This was actually written on February 3rd, but never posted on this site. It should see the light off a b.b.b. day. :)]

I thought everyone was intelligent and could figure it out for themselves, but since they cannot, I'll assist. Someone asked me a dumb question today. I'm over trying to explain to the "majority" why black people have the following:

Historically Black Colleges & Universities
Black Greek Lettered Organizations
Essence, Ebony, Jet, etc...

LIKE seriously... I'm sick of hearing why you don't have a WET or an Ivory magazine. And why do you feel comfortable telling me about your White Entertainment Television fantasies? Have you no shame!? Do you hear yourselves? ::judging::

And the worst one I heard in school, "Why can't we have a White Student Union?"


An Italian Student Union, or the German Student Union, or the Swedish Student Union, but the white one. Really? You deserve a punch-out for you inquiries. You deserve a punch-out for your audacity. You deserve a punch-out for coming to me with your foolishness. I know I claim to be empathetic, but damn. I thought you claimed to have common sense.

The reason for using the term "Black"
::insert a lesson in Sociology you should have learned wayyyy before confronting me::

African Americans can't pinpoint a specific country we're from thanks to that glorious institution of slavery. Black is a cover-all. You have a problem hold a seance and personally ask some of your ancestors. In fact I did a post delving deeper into this cultural chasm way back when. PRESS PLAY FOR ENLIGHTENMENT.

Also, the idea of a White Student Union is illogical and of ZERO sense for this reason:
You don't need it or actually want it for any particular valid reason because if you did you WOULD have started it. Black Student Unions were started not to be malicious and vindictive against white people or anyone for that matter. Their sole purpose was and is uplifting and equal opportunity. What would be the purpose of a WSU? To talk about how its not fair Blacks have this and that, things that you already have and don't desire in the first place? Pointless...

Raison D'Être:

1) We were denied membership to the established organizations and institutions, so we created our own. They are still thriving today, but are and have always been open to everyone regardless of the color of their skin.

2) In media we were/are not represented. Around the time BET was created MTV didn't even show videos by black artist. MJ was the first several years later. And you ask why BET was created? It was beyond necessary.

3) Why these organizations and institutions still persist in the day and age of a Black President?
Things fade away out of lack of need. Law of economics. When there is a demand, someone will supply. Apparently in America, black people want to see people like them in the same capacity the majority sees their people. That's fair, si?

If you turned on the TV and 90% of the faces you saw looked NOTHING like you. Same for your work, organizations, school, etc... Would this not be disconcerting?

People of European descent ARE the majority in this country.

Thus most of American culture WILL cater to their needs.

Black people and other minorities understand that and live with it.

But when we create orgs that, well I don't know, sometimes cater to our specific cultural needs, all of a sudden we're perpetuating racism???

I just don't get it. If you aren't denied something or do not feel like you are lacking something, you're still going to find a way to complain about not getting it? There's nothing to get! That's like an older sister bitching because the younger sister is getting a new outfit for the first day of HS. Girly, You ALREADY been there done that! Now you're just a privileged spoiled brat bitching for the hell of it.

As Ye would say, "Let your sis be great."

I am not a bitter militant black woman. All of my friends know this. I just detest stupidity AND dumb logic AND lack of empathy/understanding of the perspective of others. I'm an equal opportunity hater of all things idiotic, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or class. That is all.

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