Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A White Haired Dose of Umph

Stephanie Forrester.

That woman is still the HBIC on The Bold and the Beautiful? I remember her white hair coiffed ever so severe haunting my dreams when I was 3. THREE.

I'm 21 and baffled. Due to a temporary lapse in hustling moves I find myself home and watching her whip her incestuous family into shape. I doubt I'll continue to watch because there are only so many times sleeping with your uncle who you later find to be your half brother can be deemed as shocking.

Well yes.

In real people world thats surprising as hell. But not in soap opera world. Not when your last lover was your daughter's husband and your 5 year old nephew ages at the same alarming rate as The Sims children. et voila! "I'm a moody emo teen mommy!"

Yes, yes. Watching Stephanie and her delicious array of St. John's (haute couture made for the older woman b.i.t.c.h. in us all) power suits makes me realize if a woman can quite literally not age for twenty years and render fear, submission, and complete TYRANNY, then I need to get my life together.

Thanks SF! I appreciate the bitchy boost!

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