Sunday, September 26, 2010


"Blake Lively is the blonde Kristen Stewart. Same blasé acting disposition. And yet. I enjoy them both." -Me.


I quoted myself.

Because I can.

Well mostly because sometimes. I tweet little gems.

A gem?

Well, yes.

Similar to when me one a hypothetical free-spirited individual is elevated on verdure de la terre TOTALLY MADE UP PRETENTIOUS FRENCH EUPHEMISM and believes every complex revelation is validation of their genius.

Said to say, that sometimes. I tweet little gems.

Little gems of genius that I just have to transform into a full fledge writing exercise via Jm.

Along with taking productive actions towards achieving personal, academic, career, and social goals...
Today I awoke from a deliciously lazy Sunday afternoon nap to find a "Fresh out of the Independent Film Festival Oven" movie on me telly called:

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

When a movie lingers in my psyche... It is a sign that for me. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

Without saying, Robin Wright convincingly executed the character of a reformed wanderlust given a chance to rediscover herself.
But also.
This film was one of the first times I appreciated Blake Lively's acting. The monotone droning. The sad sad, endearing and empathetic empty eyes made for a great young Pippa!

Too bad she wasn't acting... Just her being her. But ya know, sometimes acting is simply being you.

You go Serena van der Woodsen!

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