Monday, September 13, 2010


Last night's VMA's taught me that Taylor Swift is JESUS!

She can absolve us of our sins and garner us admittance into that happy place in the sky!


Taylor is cool... I don't dislike her.

But she's still wallowing... Her performance still had me pondering if we all missed something last year and Kanye savagely raped her in the dressing room. Some absolute moral and physical injustice must have been committed to make her come up with this gem:

"32, and still growin’ up now
Who you are is not what you did

You’re still an innocent"

There's something about a 20 y.o. stating this, that's slightly VERY condescending. I would have appreciated if LAST YEAR when the event happened, Taylor either:
A) Laughed it off and whipped out a witty zinger while on stage.
B) Told Kanye to STFU and finish his cognac at his SEAT with his South Philadelphia stripper turned kept woman.

Anything would have been better than being sad for a year.
My Golly.

Here's the thing. 

Kanye was drunk.


Off the Henny!

And Amber Rose!

Both them shits is strong!

He made a tacky asshole, crazy drunky man move that should have required the usual 24 hour duration of penance. And a "ahaha you're so crazy" make up session the next day. Kanye IS that drunk Uncle. If that drunk uncle rocked Miami Vice-esque Versace suits. And I love him for it.

They were both pretty Tickle Me Emo and disturbingly earnest/grave during their performances last night and I think we're all more than ready to move on.

Can we Joke?

Aziz Ansari had it right... can we Laugh? It was FUNNY!

Kanye won't be happy until Taylor and himself are bffls.
And I get it.
Unlike most of you, I truly believe he is sincere in his hurt over the situation. Not just because of the public backlash, but mostly because of her hurt. And he really wants Taylor to really like him.

Maybe one day she will?

Until then, lets all #ToastToThe ...Me! AND the fact that Pusha T looked dapper.


Loved her guitar! Loved Kanye's performance! Loved the VMA set! 
Visually stunning.

NPR has a pretty snarky, yet refreshingly accurate and thorough article on this. CLICK HERE

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Leyla said...

Love it! Morg that was perfect.