Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This girl is BOSS.

They would have never used me for this commercial.

I can imagine it.

My parents would have taken me to the audition.
The Casting Director would have plopped me on the gymnastics mat and cued the music.

Three y.o. me would have:
- or -
*side eye*
- or -
crawled in a circle.

UNLESS LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" came blaring on through the speaker system. There is video evidence of me putting this girl to shame with my enthusiastic rhythmic SPASTIC movements to that classic.

At any rate. Unless LL's jam came on, the Casting Director would have handed me a lollipop and yelled "NEXT!"

My parents would have given me death stares for not securing their Roth IRA and future mid life crisis luxury sport vehicles.

*kanye shrug*

Samsung superimposed the dancing adults into the video after they learned the girl's un-choreographed routine. Thought I'd throw that out there since my co-worker just exclaimed: "Ohmahgah! How do they know her every move as she does it?!" 

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