Sunday, September 26, 2010


As an African American young woman, I reserve the right to claim Love & Basketball as one of my all time favorite movies.

Right up there with The Friday After Next and Soul Plane.


Just kidding! doesn't even begin to describe the level of lies and deceit concerning my sentiments regarding the latter two movies.

Nevertheless, J'ai adoré Love & Basketball. It was released in 2000 when I was eleven. And as a direct result I joined a youth basketball league.

Now ask me what my position was and the most effective plays utilized.
You: Were you a guard, a forward, or a center?
Me: *blankest stare*

I just remember practices involved consecutive suicide sprints and a helluva lot of tyrannical yelling.
I QUIT THAT BITCH moved on after our record losing WINNING season.
Let my denial be great!

It's in the past!

Okay so now that I have validated my Blackness...

Of recent, a movie I saw in the theaters senior year in college and locked away in the depths of me hippocampus:

Vicky Cristina Barcelona a.k.a. Eat Love Pray, Prequel: Quarter Life Crisis. 

Quick SideBar:
When I was studying for a Neuro-Psych exam, a mnemonic I used to help remember the functions of the hippocampus was: Hippocampus reminds me of Hippopotamus and Hippopotamus reminds me of Elephants and Elephants have great memories! et voilà!

The movie is unapologetically pretentious. And of course, because it is a Woody Allen film, his muse du moment, Scarlett Johansson is starring in some form thereof. Which is fine, because like Sanaa Lathan. I have a minuscule girl crush on the Scar Jo.

Anyways... I enjoyed Vicky Cristina Barcelona very much so. In fact, so much so, it has regularly found its way into my colloquial interactions as a reference. That I can relate so emphatically with Johansson's character Cristina, is the reason why I cannot set this movie free from my subconscious.

Its haunting!
Like Cristina, I believe I possess an unbridled creativity that has yet to be unleashed. I know... That sounded like a Will & Jada Smith sound-bite. But hey. Their mantras of Epic work.
Enter: Them grown ass chirren Jaden & Willow Smith.
But seriously! Them's adults!

Whipping Hair Back And Forth out of respect.

Alas, Guided into her discovery by Penélope Cruz who played a captivating and effortlessly humorous Maria Elena, Cristina eventually finds that she has a natural gift for capturing beautifully poignant moments via photography.

Dear Ya'll. And also God,

Help me find my release.
My talent.
My gift.

ok?, Thanks.

Perhaps alls I have to do is return to Barcelona. Marvel at Gaudi architecture. Be whisked away by a gorgeous tortured artist of the Javier Bardem variety. Engage in a passionate poly-amorous affair. Derive from the liberating experience a focused purpose and creative discovery.


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