Monday, October 4, 2010

New Breed.

of Recent.

Everyone has been participating in a universal discourse involving the following:

Black men. 
Is they or isn't they gay? 

Between discussing this matter at a vineyard in Virgina with friends this past weekend.
And discussing it a week prior with several college friends.
To considering dressing as The New Fashion Forward Black Male for Halloween via gchat and a laugh today...

My spirit was moved to Jm. for consultation.

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As someone who appreciates men who appreciate dressing well. I don't necessarily appreciate the personality that comes along with the man who appreciates dressing well.
Call me unappreciative.

Not all of them. But a helluva lot have assumed the role of a straight (but who knows really. I use that term Loosely. Looser than a Kat Stacks vagina. ) Andre Leon Talley.

Ya know.

There comes a point when I don't want you to condescendingly inform me of Badgley Mischka's new collection.
Because maybe I don't know... I was too busy having a life to be well versed in the subject.

And of course, as you all know, I do live for Fashion. It's art! ...but I'm just unsure as to how I feel about a guy I'm considering dating considering it art too.

Blame society!!!

Can't ya'll just dress well and not participate in the dialogue?
Be a man's man with a Bud and a skinny tie?
Am I asking too much?

And once again... Blame society! for my willingness to reluctantly abide by the confines of dichotomous gender roles.

Shout out to Shan Shan for sending me an email  --> Subject Line: I have been thinking about this issue for a long time now. 
...See, It's been weighing on everyone's mind.

The article my dearest friend sent is on VA$HTIE, a super dope blog by a super flyy chica, concerning this oh so pressing matter.

Like seriously, the bish wrote EXACTLY what I was going to write!
So I'm going to let her have it.
And let her thoughts act as mine.

I can be gracious when I want.

Click The Quote For The Article If You Seek Another Perspective Regarding This New Breed of Black Male

 "If a straight guy approached me and said; “I LOVE YOUR LANVIN CLUTCH”, my natural response would be “THANKS GIRL”.   That made me chuckle. 

If any of my New Breed Black Male friends read this and take offense. Please don't. I prefer you to the retched over-sized style trend of yester-year. Do you boo. Just don't do the most. 

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