Sunday, October 24, 2010

Runaway II.

Vulture Talks to Selita Ebanks, the Star of Kanye’s MoviePatiently awaiting the release of Kanye West's album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
not downloading the music he has graciously provided on the free, for I am practicing restraint and intend to purchase the album on November 22, 2010.
Consider it the first album I will have bought in... Thanks Sean Parker for making that possible. 

The art work of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by George Condo was apparently changed from 


to this  

Because Kanye is HILARIOUS. 

Well, yes.
But, mostly
because Ye is a provocateur and a plenty few large retailers found it distasteful. 

I suppose...

This is the album cover to a single by Silver Convention circa 1975.

I'm just saying...

Let's Have A Toast To A Summary
The 35 minute short-film Runaway was premiered yesternight simultaneously on several Viacom music networks. I think it crashed Twitter? Or at least Kanye will tell his grandYe's that.

His Muse
Selita Ebanks is Gorgeous. Her makeup flawless. Her body language transfixing. Her acting, while mostly silent, engaging. I enjoyed her portrayal of the Phoenix. Well done.
She embodied drama.
Her career is on the verge of transformation. I'm convinced.
Runaway is her moment.

"In your world you try to change anything that is different..."

Every aspect of Runaway, its artistry, could be detailed, as if it were the subject of a collegiate Writing Seminar. And in fact, it is plausible that en le monde of academia some Pop Culture course professor has already assigned an analysis as homework, but I will not. Don't fret kiddies!

Not because I am unmoved, but because I could laud its execution for at least 140 characters... times one hundred.

Yes, it could be argued that Kanye is no more than a dilettante and his efforts ambitious, but one could also conclude similarly of Karl Lagerfeld's collection of shorts. Tom Ford's A Single Man ends this debate. 

But no one does.

The subjectivity of art is what makes it beautiful.
Either you relate or you don't.

You like it.

Or you don't.

I like it.

Delving into an analysis of the short's concept, its symbolism, the social commentary, the quip at Amber Rose (I choose to interpret "You know she's a bird?" how I please. I does what I want. Is bird meant to be used as the urban colloquialism to describe a woman of low social stock, basic qualities, a hood-rat if you please. And was Kanye's facetious reply his acknowledgement, defense, and acceptance of her? ...what am I saying? Of course it was. I love Amber Rose and so did he. Call her what you will, but the woman has a presence... und Style.), the retribution of Blackness... is unnecessary.

Instead I'll focus on a single aspect:

The deer. The lamb.

Kanye directed the most exquisite shots of decidedly un-glamorous, plebeian animals.


Click Here for the list of contemporary artists who infleunced Runaway. 

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