Sunday, November 21, 2010

Do My Hair.

Skye Townsend is the sixeteen year old youtube theater enthusiast Renaissance Lady and also daughter of actor Robert Towsend who produced the following youtube clip that I have committed to memory VERBATIM.
Feh serious.


It cracks me up.

But that is neither here,
nor is it there.

This posit is about hair.

And more importantly it's about her ability to produce those luxurious locks of weaved perfection for herself and the friend to the left of her.

Yo do that girl!

And also,
do mine.

For more insight into my sentiments regarding hair CHECK IT OUT HERE. I't's an older post, but funny I promise.

Also peep this article by Jennifer Romolini of Yahoo's Shine.
Essentially, she's a white woman!, who tries her darndest to understand why black women like Lauren London can rock a weaved sew-in have extensions that look like this:

and Britney Spears has this:


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