Sunday, November 21, 2010

"He spins records with his little ravioli hands."

I died when I saw this on SNL.
Literally died.
Lih-ter-rally Dy-inggg.
Kelly Ripa as Rachel Zoe, for which to understand the funny in that. 

Bill Hader as his newly introduced character "Stefon" is superb.
A gay friend of mine spewed a kvetch or two in my direction.
Shook his head in grave disappointment when I expressed how funny I found this.

He found the humor distasteful
and said something along the lines of
"You should know better."
and that SNL's wit isn't as smart as it once was.

Simmer down friend!
And that's what I told him.

I get it. I do.
As a black woman I understand it's annoying being a consistent punchline in broad reaching social commentary.

there are plenty of "Stefon's" in the world, as there are countless Laqueneesha's.
He agreed.
but stated  that they should just let Stefon and Laqueneesha Be Great live.

Well, when one presents their argument like that, it's hard for me to legitimately disagree...

But oh mah gah Stefon is so funny!
Sorry friend!
I vote to be socially irresponsible today.

"Grown men in wedding dresses, a cut from a bodega, Puppets in disguise..."

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