Monday, November 1, 2010

head to toe.

I have cool friends.

I have cool friends who rock Rugby with a winning smile.

Meet My Cool Ass Friend: Some Columbia flyy chica better hop on this. 

Back in the day, in those Ithacan days,

I use to confer style happenings with Mr. Ola Williams.

Now he's being Great as a Columbia graduate student sporting Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, and his inner Chuck Bass.

SwaggerNewYork spotted him on campus and produced this pretty knarly profile on their website.
(Totally hating (and loving) since being spotted/profiled on the street by The Sartorialist or the like is my fantasy!)

CHECK. Check. check him out.

Here too.

'bi-WINNING' ADDENDUM (3.13.2011):

Thanks to his commitment to his personal style, my dear chum lands a part-time gig at the Rugby store and shortly after a photo-shoot in the Rugby Style Blog. . . He does some more Adonis DNA type ish too, but if I list them all I may have to contemplate my own life. So, so proud. 

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