Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let's Play a Game.

What Goes Harder?

For all intents and purposes the game shall go as follows:

Rihanna's Take a Bow or Beyoncé's Yes I make a concious effort to not disrespect her Creole and add the accent aigu as the High Priestess Mother Knowles intended.Ya'll rude. Irreplaceable?

Beyoncé's See? consistency. Kitty Kat or Khia's classy hit Snatch the Cat Back?

Carrie Underwood's Last Name or Keiley's of 3LW/Cheetah Girls' even classier smash commercial success Spectacular?

Angela Simmons and friend having a jam session to Gimme Dat, a song whose video I had such high hopes for?

or the actual official video for Ciara's Gimme Dat?

Not sure who told Ciara she was Great, but...
Not impressed.

Perhaps it's because when I initially heard the song, I bounced so hard during a personal dance party on my commute from work in Man-Man, me Versa hatchback I loved it.

I conceived this fantabulous choreography and totally rocking music video treatment, so
I just find  her video all too underwhelming.

And Ciara,
Let the fitted go.


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