Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Teacher.

is starting to grow on me.

Keri Hilson.

To me
she emits "the cool pretty teacher" who went to Spelman Emory vibe.
That's the vibe I get.
And I'm sticking to it.

But of late
she's put out two anthems that I cannot seem to shake.
Positive messages.

Breaking Point

Pretty Girl Rock. 

And to boot
both videos make my heart smile.

Breaking Point is self explanatory and the video does an excellent job displaying a woman fed up, a woman made over, a woman conferring with her home girls at the hair salon and on her front stoop over some red drink (Kool-Aid) LOVE IT, a woman so over you.
And I appreciate her use of Black models ranging in complexion, hair, and features.
If you take note,
they were all Beautiful, Flyy, adjectives of the like.

And Pretty Girl Rock is not the egotistical chorus it appears to be, but rather an uplifting mantra. 
The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, pays homage to legends in musical entertainment: Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, the Andrews Sisters, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Janet Jackson, and I knew I loved it when she ended with a flawless TLC tribute. 

So yes. 

Maybe Ms. Hilson gives me severe teacher vibes. 

I'm enjoying her lessons. 

Thanks Miss Keri Baby. 

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