Thursday, January 6, 2011

The High Priestess.

and oh mah gah,
for once I do not mean one of the Knowles'.

Tina, Beyonce, Solange, Baby Creole have a seat.

I speak of this hott ho.
To the left.


...look at this photo.
He's either doing a Deutsche two-step in his fancy pants,
Hamburg's finest.
he's stomping tyrannically around crushing the end product of some poor intern's hard work. "NEIN! WHO PLACED THE PROENZA SHOE IN  THE CHANEL GIFT BAG!!!! YOU'RE FAT! AND INCOMPETENT! AND FIRED! AND FAT! AUS!"
...and then he two-step's to the sound of their anorexic tears.

I'm going with the latter.

Unless you're of the tune in and drop out school of thought, you know Kate Middleton is slated to be the next Queen of England our generation may actually take interest in.

Here's the High Priestess' thoughts on her:
"For the royals, apparently the royal blood is not in demand any longer," Lagerfeld stated. But he continued, “Better for the generation to come. She is very different from Princess Diana, and seems very well balanced and a happy person. She is chic in a way the position needs. Let’s wait and see.” Source
Not fluent or well versed in the rhetoric of bitch  I'll offer a translation.

Translation:  "She aite."

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wenny3kiwi said...

Karl Lagerfeld always be with tie and suite!!

he's ART