Tuesday, April 5, 2011

brothers 12.

Normalizing linking completely unrelated posts has become a pastime of mine. 
Don't be judging.

Doing my errands about town and became enamored with these two.

They're brothers. They're friends.

I snapped them.


In other news, this past weekend I was bored enough to watch Twelve.
Some terrible movie about terribleness, nihilism, teens in excess, and feigning comfort with how terrible you are. And then there was 50 Cent.

Iunno. It was suttin' like that.

If you're as intrigued as I was by that description then you might enjoy my play by play experience of the film. SPOILER ALERT, but I promise my reactions are at least 1.5x more interesting than the movie. That may seem like a trivial multiple, but you haven't seen this movie yet. 1.5 is enough.

My "WTF, Really? Like, really?" Experience with Twelve

An Actual Review via NY Times
An Actual Review via Monsters & Critics

Subbing it from BK
Betch recognizes Betch.

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