Thursday, April 28, 2011


The Muxe of Oaxaca Mexico.

The NY Times comprised an article on a subject that I don't think much about, until I do... 

This Muxe insight is better. 

All thanks and praise be to a certain Brenda Maiale,  the professor of the Alternative Genders and Sexuality course my freshman year at the Nelly on the hilly. During the duration of the course, subject matter such as the Vogueing subculture of gay male men, predominantly Black & Hispanic, in urban NYC was broached. 
Consult Paris is Burning.
Madonna did. 
It was the inspiration behind the classic 1990's pop art that is Vogue.  
Via that documentary and countless tens of minutes of youtube scouring, I have resolved within myself that my home boy/girl homie Leyomi from The House of Mizrahi is what gets me through the days! and D R O P.  
Of course in a course like this, didactic conversations on the dichotomy of gender and various other dyads are discussed. Professor Maiale taught that before he was the Last King of ScotlandForest Whitaker fell in love with a gorgeous M2F (pre-op) transsexual. The Crying Game. 

Gender bender swindle! 
My new born will shun blue. And pink. Be named Morgan Jr. Regardless of its future sex. Frolic in green. Wear fur like Kingston Rossdale. And if my husband doth protest. He will then be addressed as Morgan Jr. too. Bossy. ...I joke!

But that course... It was a small writing seminar. There were roughly twelve students in the class. There was a dear friend of mine. We share the same birthday. So we're close. Yet I was still unable to convince her that taking her daily siesta She's Black, but was a Spanish major. I couldn't help but applaud her commitment to their culture per a midday nap . Dedication. in a class modeled after a NESCAC (see Amherst or Smith or Wesleyan all of which I refer to as the Brown-lites) writing workshop was not the wisest decision... We were positioned around one big table a sharing circle, addressed the proffesor as Brenda, and Brenda had an omniscient view of each student, for which to gaze upon us and fufill her pedagogical duties

My friend was unmoved. Shameless. She. knocked. out. on. cue. 

So that's that. 

Another one of my friends. Who is Nigerian.  ...well he was in the class too. I think the Writing Seminar on Sports in Media filled within seconds. He learned a lot. You go Glen Coco

There was my roommate's sorority sister. I'm going to say Delta Gamma? This chick... was hilarious. History major who landed on Wall Street. Her final project: "The Phenomenon of Girls kissing Girls." Classic. She literally got tipsy one day with a camcorder at a Greek pre-game and asked all of her Pan-Hellenic sistah's "Like what's up with thaaaa??" It was pure comedy. Do I think she actually answered any questions regarding sexuality? Hells no. Was it awesomely entertaining? Hells yes. 

Then there was me. Wide-eyed. And attentive. If it is deviant from the norm I am all for it. Not in a clichéd protest to be different way, but in a Let People be Great way. 

When reason and empathy prevail. I follow

I support the Muxe; their plight; their growing visibility. Thank you Brenda!

Whatever you are, acknowledge that you are Great. 
Then practice acknowledging the Great in a person your perfect opposite. 

Appreciation, not tolerance makes the world go 'round. 

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