Wednesday, April 20, 2011

cult classics? campy, yet satisfying.

Did you see Scream 4? No worry, no spoiler. Just asking, because...

Me: "This movie has a great opening sequence."
Ty: "So good."

Me: "The cast is deep, the cameos are too trill... Hayden Pantyhairs, Seth!, Julia Robert's niecehomegirl from Pretty Little LiarsAnnie from 90210!Veronica MarsSookie!a Macaulay Culkin sibling, homeboy!, the originals: Dewey, Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers, and then also Natalie Portman, Helen Mirren, Javier Bardem, Sanaa Lathan, Josephine Baker, Elle Fanning, Jesus, E-40... okay now I'm just making stuff up."
Ty: "This movie should be called let's revive a career."
Me: "Didn't even know this franchise had such Hollywood pull."
Ty:  "...This movie should be called let's revive a career."
Me: "Right."

Ty: "The theater is so live. Scream is a cult classic."
Me: "I know. I feel like I'm in a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Me & Ty: "Is she a lesbian? 
Ty: "Her hair cut... "
Me: "It looks nice though."
Ty: "It does."

Me: "How is Judy playing Dewey's deputy cop AND the shower girl in the Stab scene??? The blatant inconsistency of it all. Is this part of the plot? They're. Separate. Characters. Does no one else see this?? No one edited this out????"
Ty: "Budget cuts? She had to play every blonde bitch in the movie. Judy is comic relief."
Me: "Ha!"

Ty: "The 90's were so good to Neve Cambell."
Me: "Rigghh, I'm saying! Party of Five, Wild Things, Scream Trilogy. Other ish. So good."

Me & Ty: "Ahhhh! This ... is C R A Z Y"

Me: "Scream 4 was dumb as hell, but it was so good"
Ty: "So good.
Ty: "It had all the components of a good thriller and stayed true to the original."
Me: "So good."

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