Wednesday, April 20, 2011

these are my happy mood shoes.

Like every other urban savant east coasting it this past weekend, a part of me slowly died because I was not at Coachella amongst whimsical fairy fashions + hipsters + cool kids + actual m u s i c. 

Those. Are. M a h  p e o p l e !

I should have been there.
Ya know?

Even the Disney Princess Vanessa Hudgens had a good 'ol hippie time. Admittedly, I was pettily disgruntled by the FB/twitter statuses of acquaintances and former peers who managed to be in the Indio desert exlaiming that Kanye's set was "magical". Really? ...of. course. it. was.
Kanye said EFF THAT unplugged festival ish. I'm bringing the GREAT. Yep. He did. God bless 'im.

The xx,  my ultimate indie vocals duo, wasn't part of the lineup this year, but 1000 other talented independent artists were.  And that's cool. So cool.
Damian and Nas rocked it. 

Totally j.

In the interim I busied myself becoming acquainted with J*DaVeY  and then also, The Weeknd's album House of Balloons, but mostly only this song resonated for more than 24 hours. I'm still enamored with the entirety of Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra... and Oh Land is interesting too.She's from Copenhagen + stylistically inclined.

Default cool points. 

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