Saturday, May 28, 2011

"I don't get it, but I like it."

Look 17 via Temperley London.

The Trina Dress Coat in their latest Spring/Summer collection is on my list.

It is on it.

Owning way too many dresses of that nature, I happen to consistently look like I belong in a photo shoot for Grapes of Wrath.

I like the prairie. What can I say.

True Story:
Friend: "I like your dress."
Me: "Thanks! I call it my Prairie Home Companion ensemble."
Me: "Oohh stop the car! It's Mister Softee!
Friend: "You know what..."
Me: *Animatedly runs to ice cream truck, dress and hair blowing in wind.*
Friend: "The way you ran to that truck? It was like you were on the prairie. I paused for a second to wait for the theme music... but it never came? It never did."

She gets me.

Truer Story:
Feeling sprite on a casual Saturday afternoon, I made my way to a local cafe to people watch and be urban. Bedecked in Oregon Trail's finest, I order some frozen skinny cinnamon dulce thingy. I paired the Spring dress not with those ubiquitous Tory Burch flats, but with a pair of wiccan inspired boots. Nothing novel. Like the cinnamon in my dulce frap, all outfits benefit from a dash of spice. Not because I am raging against the machine, but because I thought the overall aesthetic was d o p e. As I was headed to my car I was stopped by an older Black woman with regally coiffed silver hair in a 7 series BMW and summery day suit. My immediate thought: "I want to be her."

Woman: "I saw you earlier when you were grabbing a coffee. I love the way you carry yourself."
Me: "Wow... thank you! Likewise."
[The hesitancy? Because I saw myself in this woman. She was poised. And stylish. And elegant. And refined.  ...but there was a spark. Did I mention the 7 Series? It was like being complimented by the most popular girl in school. Or Michelle Obama.]
Woman: "Why thank you, but I do love what you're wearing. ...I don't get it, but... I like it. Very much."
Me: "Haha thanks... I have my heels in the car."
[Not that I thought my outfit required classic pumps for validation, but I wanted to put the woman at ease. Even though my sartorial ways opened her eyes to the possibility that a put-together and minimalist outfit need not be ultra conservative, I at least wanted to ensure her that I am capable of adhering to status quo stylistic decorum. Ya know? Plus I had a networking event to attend later. I do my part to both rattle and placate the older generations.]
Woman: "Oh well that's good to know, but the boots accent the look. If I were younger, I might just try that. Enjoy your day honey."
Me: "You too!"

When our paths cross once more and I am wearing a Paul Smith pant suit and she the mature woman's appropriate bohemian chic, I shall smile inwardly.

Truest Story:
Dare to explore your style. 

But if you can't pull it off ...don't pull it off. 

Effortless and Simple.  yes!
Labored and Tragic.    no!

You know your limits... aim for limitless. 

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