Saturday, June 18, 2011

rabbit hole, 6.12.2011.

In Greek antiquity, Pandora was the first Diva. 

If diva is synonymous with human of the xx genome who bears the burden of original sin. 


What was Pandora's peccadillo? 
Opening a box. 
She was curious. 
...because the Gods gave her an unopened present full of mystery. 

The box contained wisdom and secrets (like how to start fire) and then also evil (like how to disobey/seduce man) and also biology (like... plague). 
Fun stuff. 

The week has come to and end and several amusing happenings,  happened.  

I. Future billionaires can't die.
Are you at work? Bored with your carefully sculpted iPod playlist? What to do! You consult Pandora. For free! Unless you utilized your entire 40 hours. What are you, a musical lush? Cough up that $0.99!  
On Wednesday Pandora, a website that was on the verge of corporate death less than three years ago due to a less than robust revenue stream, IPO'd on the New York Stock Exchange for an estimated $3 Billion under the stylish ticker "P". ...just P. How's that for robust. 
Tech Crunch Weighs In

II. "but I don't wanna!"
Representative Anthony Weiner (D) resigned from Congress on Thursday. He tried his darndest to meliorate his faux-pas without stepping down, but when even party politicians  you've never known existed  are voicing their opinions to CNN pundits and co-signing the President that you should find a new a day job... what are ya to do? Hell, it's a recession! His intractable resistance was understandable. He's a lifelong politico now unemployed with a child on the way and a wife who probably spent the past few weeks crafting a voodoo doll in his honor. Times are hard!
The Washington Post's Two Cents

III. I guess that's cute. 
Fast food chains would appreciate it if they are referenced as "Expeditious Cafe's" from now.  Because they are highfalutin. And apparently of European by way of Seattle descent. This makes sense. 
The idea of upscale cafe concepts in lieu of the traditional design aesthetic is pleasing. Wondering of the market research that poured into this effort and its relevance in the 21st century? Tom Anderson has your answer as he comments on the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association's Annual Conference. The smell... How is one to study for the MCAT, create a SWOT analysis, or manipulate pro-forma on EXCEL with the scent of "expeditious cuisine" lingering? NewsFlash: Dubbing oneself a cafe does not the aroma of espresso make nor does it erase the waft of stale fried food.  Nonetheless, I can dig it. 
Advertising Age displays some classy pics of McDonald's

III. Sofia Coppola portraits a father. 
Finally screened Somewhere
#ThankYouBasedGod Redbox. 
If you enjoyed Marie Antoinette and you crave even more silence. 
Even more moving images.  
Elle Fanning and Stephen Dorff utter 100 words in total. 
This is your flick. 

My Words, speak on it

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