Monday, June 20, 2011

romanticism. II.

Recording sessions of "Take Off Your Cool."

Joshua Kissi (L.) Travis Gumbs (R.)
Acquainted with the gest of
romanticism I.

One of us spotted photographer Rog Walker on the Met steps earlier that day. Casually bespoked, as if the object of an on the street shoot via The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman. You couldn't miss him. He appeared placid, yet engrossed. We chose not to interrupt.

But we eagerly anticipated to be amongst the like.

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette hosted Sartorial Sounds Live this past Saturday June 18th at 92Y Tribeca in NYC.
This was the apex of our girls weekend of aesthetic undertakings and good times.

Featured at the showcase was a compilation of spoken word and musical artists including Jesse Boykins III, Mara Hruby, Joekenneth MuseauJoshua Bennett, Theo Martins, Melo – X, and street tap dancer Rinaldy AlvarezAlso, a very attractive sir on the brass horn with masterfully coiffed locks. ...he glamoured our attention. 

It is difficult to adequately describe experiences like Sartorial Sounds whilst surrounded by incredible talent and style. Mara Hruby exuded Old Hollywood glam as if she herself penned "Strange Fruit" and Melo-X rocked the house like a thoroughbred entertainer. The task of effusively prosing is almost onerous, but if it were of the utmost importance to succinctly attempt, I would extol "Sartorial Sounds Live" as a harmonic blend of Harlem Renaissance and Stylistic Inclination.

Leery of dubbing Street Etiquette "a movement," "a trend,"  their sartorial breadth is organic and inspired. Their individual vantages fresh and complete with affect.

A playlist of performances I captured at the showcase including a live performance of "Take Off Your Cool," Mara Hruby performances, Jesse Boykins III performances, and a spoken word excerpt from Joekenneth Museau.

At the close of the concert portion of the event, my friend Shannon convinced me that it would be a personal disservice if we were to leave with out at least congratulating a few of the artists. We wanted  to personally connect, dig it?
I respectfully approached; she brazenly waltzed up to Jesse Boykins III... Travis Gumbs... Joekenneth Museau, Joshua Kissi and Joshua Bennett ...and I am glad for it. They were warm and fashionable and gracious enough to pose for a few pictures.

The indelible impression we made on them, dubious at best, but their impact on us, real.

I... we,
The esoteric youths of this generation, we appreciate their being, for we share their point of view. We value stylistic, artistic, and diverse expressions of self.

We value individualism, we value the collective.

The next day I dos dedos'd the Big Apple and arrived back in Philadelphia in time to shoot the breeze with a new pal, wish my dad a Happy Father's Day, and enjoy Chaka Khan perform live at the West Oak Lane Jazz Festival.

A good weekend.

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