Monday, July 4, 2011


On this 4th I declare my independence… my individuality… my Great.

S m ö r g å s b o r d

Manyunk Arts Festival
Scenes. + Dogs. + Dachshund

Ashley Everett performing a brilliant modern piece  at The Juilliard School. 
The impropriety of my candor sometimes dubs my beloved fierce like Sasha Beyonce dancers Kimberly Gipson and Ashley Everett as "afro diva and sassy redbone to her right or left" respectively. Redbone has been with her since Greenlight! ...Redbone, I know politically incorrect righ? But this was before I knew their names! There's Ashley Seldon who favors Lauren Ann Gibson/Robin Givens. She's insane. And then there's Saidah with the Amber Rose coiffure. So shout outs to them for making me want to jig to Knowles' classy musical creations. Also. Just between me and you. Is it bad that I'm not a dancer, but I know their names. Am I a Her Royal Highness King B STAN? You can't prove this.

"It’s not about fashion. It’s not about trying to be cool. Everyone just is cool."  -Beyonce on Glastonbury Festival.

Send me pleasant emails from abroad. Thank you

Learning to Wobble in South Philly

Obama ate some water ice

Assistant D.A. is the American Dream.

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