Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's been an active few weeks.

Early adopters attest to the awesomeness of Google Plus, stylized as "G+" "g+" (Redemption after the Google Buzz and Google Wave failed attempts.) to the chagrin of Mark Zuckerberg. Add me to a "circle" Mark so we can "Hangout" and discuss your feelings.

Young people are meeting morbid fates in Russian accidents and Norwegian massacres.

The United States protractedly engaged in a bi-partisan impasse concerning the national deficit.

The world birthed a new country, Republic of South Sudan on July 9, 2011; United Nations sovereignty July 14, 2011.

Rihanna's LOUD Tour stopped in Philadelphia last night.

Like I would go to that? 

But on the off chance a certain vocally modest fiery red-head is a personal stylistic idol.

I may have.

The concert was at the Wells Fargo Center, member of the impressive Philadelphia Sports Complex. The train to the arena transported the expected excitable fans in Ronald McDonald wigs and "Bajan Princess" baby t-shirts; and hipsters in their Alexa Chung + Adam Levine finest.

The droves of Latin American men in fútbol athletics and Chuck Taylor's?


Perhaps I've mis-assessed Fenty's mass-appeal.

Suspicions put to rest, The Philadelphia Union hosted Real Madrid last night. Not a soccer aficionado, but that's a big deal. It meant that talented Crisco-baked "Spanish David Beckham" Cristiano Ronaldo was in town. FTW!

The Latino Nation Army suddenly made sense.

USA soccer fervor didn't end with the understandably disappointing Women's World Cup match against Japan last Sunday. The still recovering "Land of the Rising Sun" needed a win.

In both cases we loss, but it was respectable.

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