Monday, August 8, 2011


House Speaker Rep. Boehner (R) and President Obama's relationship is tenuous at best, but they compromised on our debt-ceiling so that's something. Representative Giffords rallied a triumphant return to Congress to cast her vote and seal the deal.

This reconciliation will meet its end come December when the Super Congress is forced to consider each other's ideology once again. Impasse is très fetch nowadays.
Bipartisanship ain't for the feign of heart.


Other relations that aren't fairing so well.

At the heels of the Dow Jones Industrial's steepest one day drop of 500 plus points (634+ to date) last week since Q1 2009, credit agency Standard & Poor's has let it be known that austerity isn't a term reserved for every other sovereign nation. For the first time in history it lowered the United States credit rating from AAA to AA+.  The credit downgrade weakens US stature abroad as well as denigrates faith in world economies, as Europe is in the midst of a debt crisis that burgeoned last summer with Portugal and Greece, and has since spread to larger economies including Iceland, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, and potentially Italy.

I once had a friend. She owed me money. She never paid. We're no longer friends.

Fiscal ends or the lack thereof will place s t r a i n on a bffl'dom.

Here are some besties that are still besties.
The New York Times catches up with the Cornell 2010 Ivy League Basketball Champions who advanced to Sweet Sixteen of March Madness; respectably bowing out to a Kentucky squad that would shortly thereafter boast five NBA first-round draft picks.

Collegiate athletes are precious.

From left, the former Cornell players Jeff Foote, Aaron Osgood, Jon Jaques and Ryan Wittman with an instructor during their yoga class at the 92nd Street Y.

Go Big Red!


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