Monday, August 8, 2011


Tottenham’s main shopping area, before and after London riots. (Guardian)

Londontown is rioting.

Mission: Why come? in full effect.

Guardian is equivocal, but champions Blackberry's BBM as the vox populi.

The London Evening Standard suggests it's the absence of venerable games and the onslaught of video games of the Grand Theft Auto variety; concomitantly boosting Amazon's online sales of baseball bats and billy clubs up 5000% in past 24 hours of rioting. Can't make this stuff up.

New York Times expounds "All are victims of what people in Britain call “the cuts” — the government’s defunding of civil-society institutions in order to balance the nation’s books. Before the riots, the government had planned to cut 16,200 police officers across the country. In London, austerity means that there will be about 19 percent less to spend next year on government programs, and the burden will fall particularly on the poor."

The United States Super Congressdisparaged by conservative constitutionalists, has until Thanksgiving to obviate a US repeat of London. This is our guerilla army. We wear the flag on our feets.

Penny's red pen of justice voices dem youths dem disenfranchised. 

Unruly kids in the UK?

Unrest amongst les jeunes?

"The Youth of the Middle East rise up for basic freedoms. The Youth of London rise up for a HD ready 42" Plasma TV #LondonRiots"
No one is that shallow.

Perennial inequality apexes in hostile angst?

Was at a late night get-together Friday evening with beer and lecherous rounds of "Never Have I Ever" with people I just met. Standard.

One kid 30-something from agrargianville Indiana who is beginning a graduate program in Education at Penn in the Fall drunkenly explained that having spent five years teaching in the UK after teaching in some of the most economically disadvantaged areas in the United States, the British schooling system wins in the debate of "Who's The Baddest." He described in explicit detail just how despicably undisciplined a considerable majority of the all-boys schools were.

"I would head to city-center after work for a drink to escape the teen scoundrels. The little assholes were hell-bent. Bullies? Those husky kids you saw in 1950's cartoons. Yeah, well they're real over there. And they weren't just putting your little brother in the locker and beating him senseless. They were locking teachers in there too. Bloody wankers were just downright cruel."

City-center? He has got to get used to being back in the states.

If I wasn't obsessed with the E4 show Misfits about recalcitrant British teen delinquents forced to do community service while grappling with newly acquired special abilities, his diatribe would have crushed my pristine image of uniformed English school children. The epitome of propriety and Victorian ideals. And crumpets.

"RT @JensenClan88: If you think it's bad in London now, wait for 28 days from now."

Raging against the oppressive machine isn't unique to Compton residents and 1968 Columbia students or Philadelphia flash mobs. ...remind me to pencil in the next one.

Brits get fed up too.

Buffalo Springfield's For What's It WorthEarnest.

Lily Allen's LDN? Timely.

"There was a little old lady who was walking down the road. She was struggling with bags from Tesco
There were people from the city having lunch in the park. I believe that is called 'al fresco.' 
When a kid came along to offer a hand, but before she had time to accept it. 
Hits her over the head - doesn't care if she's dead 'cause he's got all her jewelry and wallet."

It's tough out here for the marginalized.

Sometimes a little old lady has to get knocked to shed light on symptomatic societal ailments.

Collateral damage speaks volumes.

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