Monday, August 8, 2011

slang home hipsters.

"Mad decent!"

A friend harangued me for using Philly slang.

Admittedly Philadelphians utilize "decent" incorrectly.

Philadelphian: Decent = AWESOME!

Everyone Else: Decent = Just alright.

"Mad" contrarily is a by-product of The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and Harlem.

That and "OD" and "son" and "wavy" and others.

In high school I participated in this program one summer at Band Camp in New York and returned home carping to my mother who forebode me to drive her car:

"That's mad OD son." 

To which she replied:

Whatevs.This weekend Mad Decent Block Party stopped by the "Sixth Borough" toting along Alexander Wang's latest muse Diplo of Major Lazer and those cool kids from Brooklyn Das Racist.Has the Piazza at Schmidts commercialized Philadelphia's NoLibs into a poser bottle?Who cares. Mad Decent was wavy son d-dun-dun.Proof is in the pudding: Here+

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