Monday, October 31, 2011


"She's trying to ruin me!" 

Joked with a male friend about the complexities of female relationships and he concluded that all of our contretemps end with an emphatic declaration of dramatic disdain. Then he hilariously imitated the introductory exclamation.

He believes us all "one unrelenting episode of Dynasty."

I took his insult and raised him joy! as I doubt he was aware Joan Collins and Regina George are personal idols. Then I informed him only drama queens utilize 1980's prime-time soap's as references.


So there was a semblance of truth in his diatribe.

Women can be overly analytic concerning emotions and relations and ...everything.

Or perhaps we're simply masters of articulation.

Tatiana von Furstenberg and her co-director Francesca Gregorini know the deal.

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