Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Explanation here.
He walked into my office and said "Do you want levity or my soul?" I said "Give me the Drake." And I guess he did.

"Most people choose to write a blog. I needed to. I didn't intend for it to drift into autobiography, but in blogging there is a tidal drift that pushes you that way. Getting such quick feedback may be one reason; the Internet encourages first-person writing, and I've always written that way. How can a movie review be written in the third person, as if it were an account of the facts? If it isn't subjective, there's something false about it."

-Roger Ebert, "on Writing: 15 Reflections From 'Life Itself'," The Atlantic

Anecdotal ruminations liberates the fray. That, The Moth, David Sedaris, and a healthy dose of ratchet audacity Rihanna for WordThatIsNotSWAGButThatIsPreciselyWhatIMean.

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