Tuesday, February 21, 2012

let 'em eat.

"He want that... cake... cake... cake... cake..." 
Before Sofia Coppola dabbled in the realm of a puerile Louis XVI and his child bride Kirsten Dunst. Before she juxtaposed Vivaldi's Concerto in G alongside 1980's New Wave punkstars Bow Wow Wow like only a Coppola could, I entertained a fascination with Marie Antoinette. A Tale of Two Cities took me places.

"Let them eat cake!"

No one can prove this. No one can prove Marie Antoinette drawled those legendized words of insensitive whimsy. Nope. Utterly unable. Can't be done. It's libel for the guillotine-fated. My girl was slandered and her head rolllllleed.

Laissez les bons temps rouler, c'est Mardi Gras
Mme. Marie never enjoyed a Christie-sized Tuesday again.

More aligned with the truth, the rumor, in all likelihood, was a blatant untruth. An impetus for La Révolution Française.

But its reckless insouciance; its Mean Girl abandon,
it's lasting.

Lasting like a Chris Brown and Rihanna l o v e flower bomb. Recall Rih Rih? With Diane Sawyer. Tell meh whatta gwan??? Ya said ever so eloquently "Eff love."

Remembering hopeless places

Monday, February 20, Robyn Rihanna Fenty turned 24. Those in my inner sanctum, those laughing in my library, they know how I regard Rihanna  - Swagging going swell.
On Chris Brown - Misguided young Pikachu who dougies well. Dougie, oh that bol' can dougie
Often, I fear his publicist doesn't love him. At all. And that his tweets are penned by a roguish Latarian Milton. Someone needs a hug and this chick

Photoshopped? + Winning.
"We like to play games, like you know... we play like, 'Oh that hurt. Oh, ouch, mah face,' but it's all out of love."

And so despite this, there's alleged post-Grammy, pre-birthday jubilee only last week.

On her bornday, the pair released an anticipated extended version of Talk That Talk's Birthday Cake. Here's the thing. I prefer my own mix to Birthday Cake.

The planking on basic remix, where the original is LOOPED ad infinitum. Steady rotation. JAMMING.

The remix with her rude boy C. Breezy? Right.

We get it. Love's pull is unrelenting.

All I'm saying is...

Rihanna, carry dem whetted mango peelers close to your person.

Do normal date things.

Blast G4L whenever his eyes go B L A C K.

Keep the bestie Melissa on speed dial.

And Chris, what of Karreuche???!

[P.S.A.: Young girls don't remain in a volatile relationship because of le Birthday Cake. Rihanna's dope, but her own person. Don't thole in the consequence of unwise decisions. Don't do it.]

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U clever little thang u! Loved the post. Loved the choice of words. Be great and what not