Wednesday, July 4, 2012

i see the unpoor.

My mother, an English teacher and community engager sent me the following article.
"I see white people.Usually this wouldn’t be so significant. I live in New York City. They’re not the majority here, but they exist in significant numbers — 47 percent, in fact. These white people that I’m seeing now have caught my attention because of where I see them and how many of them I see doing the unexpected, like getting off the A-train in Brooklyn at Nostrand Ave, cycling at midnight on Franklin, or carelessly walking down Albany and fumbling with their iPhones while they walk in the direction of the projects."
-I See White People - Clutch Magazine

Philadelphia gentrification in line with the author's Brooklyn follows suit. I sent my mother a response.
"Gentrification is real. Being Black in this nation, what we resent isn't the word itself. As the author stated, we enjoy the new organic grocer, and the cupcake shops, the local brewery, and the pleasant walkways free of discarded poverty. 
We resent a society that's created a complex where Blacks en masse have yet to reach the level of progressive knowledge and wealth to repurpose and rejuvenate our own neighborhoods.
The affluent Blacks. They're aren't enough and they're far too disparate to generate a concerted effort, so they flee... The less fortunate have the capacity, the wherewithal, nor the insight to lobby a yoga studio on the corner, or to renovate the previous generation's factories into art galleries and lifestyle shops. So they continue in sustained nescience. 
Our resentment stems from 40 acres and a mule never realized, from cyclical oppression maintained by a damaged collective psyche. Our misfortune is our inability to gentrify our own elevation without displacing our suffering parts. That's resentment."

My mother replied.
"You need to post this." 

Welcome to the reality of the gentrified.. And so on.  

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