Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Harlequin, Halley, Hennessy"

[An excerpt from Hennessy & Co. ]

I heard beyond my own music nature's orchestra. The wind was howling wildly at the April moon as it moved the leaves with each breeze. The rays from that same moon robbed me of my last sleep. It took some effort to open my eyes as I laid there on the cool chestnut desk wondering just for a moment how I got here. I tried to remember how to use my arms and hands as I pushed up from the desk to raise my head and sit back in the chair but I failed miserably on my first attempt. My head fell back gently in my folded arms on the desk. After sitting up and holding my posture for some seconds, I put my face in the palm of my hands for a little bit and moved them backwards up over my face, brushing my hair back and pushing my head up towards the ceiling. I stared at the at it as if I had a better chance of looking into the sky than if I had looked through the window.  My hands fell in my lap and I looked at the spread on the table helping me recall what I was doing here. My eyes rolled over the Hennessy bottle, the Norton Anthology of Shakespeare, my macbook, pen and paper full of my writing. On my computer I saw that I had been watching Charlie Chaplin's Greatest Speech. Sinatra ballads were still crooning on. 'What a fantastic drama in this theatre of dreams I thought.' I came to whence I read what I had wrote.

"If ever you get this note, if ever your eyes gloss these pages it will be because I am gone. Though a proud man, with these words I will beg you. Dare not pity me or my soul for I am not longer worth your efforts. Who knows, perhaps I will find my soul where I am going. Worry though about those who are with you because there is a soul who needs your pity."

"Take care hero, those still exist who think, live and breathe as you do. Their do hearts do still beat as yours does. At every minute remember your humanity and be minded to do the things heroes should do. And dare not be frightened for they will say it cannot be done, that you cannot do it. They will say that you are no Superman and that heroes, here and now, do not live. They will repeat that such things are dead or remain for children to play with and fall asleep to. Let not these pretensions veneer your will. You are privy to the tales of ferocious, valorous men who lived by nature alone. You, and all of us for that matter, share in the divinity of heroes. Do not let those who have not sight for these things blind you. I assure you all, I tell this to everymanhe exists, she exists."

"We are born heroes but it so happens most of us die men. We grow and with time forget our divine nature, it is swept away by the dull and steady breeze of society. But there are some who are gone with the wind, who dare not allow that breeze to whisk pass them. Before you scatter to the winds remember these things about yourself. To think that the stuff of heroes and legends is beyond your potential is disloyalty to the Commonwealth. Put first your mind and you will know your divinity, your glory will show. Forsake your mind and you destine a world where the man who lives out his humanity is of another kind than those who only dream."

"Do not bother with matters that are of no interest to you, matters that lack justice and necessity. Do not bother with work or people you do no believe in. For what will this profit you but a loss of time you can never regain. Was desperately with imagination. Resist with your infinite will mediocrity for you are you goddman human being, the overman. Achieve all things if our minds be so. We have no limits, there is nothing we can’t do. To live this life as it was meant to be lived, in the best way possible, to reach any and all possibilities, to achieve humanity and die immortal. This is the measure of your resolve."

"Take care lost soul. Do you not think there are stars in the vast expanse of space who too cannot find their way? You lost souls just as those stars will one day find each other and be lost together. I commit the grandest of sins only so this can be. By this act I would have consecrated the feeling in you which will bring forth your immortality. This will remind you that you are human."

"You are beginning to see aren’t you? So let’s live. Let’s live the poetry we cannot write for not all of us are wordsmiths. Let those cowards write the poetry that they dare not realize until we realize we cannot live it too then let us read with them what they have wrote and enjoy what could have been."

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