Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ego's poem.

Let's live the poetry that we cannot write for not all of us are wordsmiths. Let those cowards write the poetry that they dare not realize and when we realize we cannot live it too then let us read with them what they have wrote and enjoy what could have been. 

Mr. Hormeku lives the poetry that I can only write. I remember first making his acquaintance while a student at Cornell University. Our meeting was fated by some merciful being who thought it necessary I have the proper direction in life. See, I knew or at least had the imaginings of the man I wished to become however not until I met Ego, as he is known by his comrades, did I see what that man should look like. He defined life at every moment instead of just living in it. He was cavalier and astute in an unfamiliar way. What struck me most, what struck all those who were in his presence, was his "nerdy fly". This was an idea being developed at the time by the 21st Century renaissance men. The modern gentleman was developing into a combination of the extremely studious intellect and ferociously dashing brute, the noble savage if you will. Ego seemingly reconciled these opposite personalities into one natural persona. He said to me once, "We, my friend, we are the paragon of all things  —
let us act as if it is so." He will stop at nothing to reach the full of his potential and his life thus far is evidence of this. 

Ego graduated from the University of Arizona within three years double majoring in Political Science and Physiological Science. There is a dogged determination in him that many of us seldom witness. However if you tell this to Ego he would look at you and think, "this was how it was growing up." Perhaps his childhood friends in Brownsville, Brooklyn did not see fit to finish university in three years with two majors but the kind of will and determination he has fashioned is not unfamiliar to those in such an environment. His story is reminiscent of the Jay Gatsby and Donald Draper beginnings. At the bottom of his borough he saw light at the top and used everything he had to reach for it. This mentality has and I suspect never will leave him. He went to Arizona and decided to commit himself to being the best "himself" he could be day in and day out. The rules he followed for himself became The Nerdy McFly Manifesto. A book of rules for the modern gentlemen to better himself, a guide to manhood in the fullest sense. In effect he was giving to us the blueprint for being the best man you could be. Take a minute to think about all the men you like to watch and wish you were. In this book Ego and his friends only did for the average guy what he always thought about: being Michael Jordan, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Fischer, LL Cool J, Arthur Ashe, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ryan Gosling all in one. The idea matured into the follow-up titled, Hope this Helps. Rules were not enough, the concept of being this better guy needed to be drawn out. The book ponders the makings of a man by touching and discussing the proper character a man should have, how he should carry himself, temperament, chivalry and the like. 

Before seeing 25 Ego founded The Hormeku Group, the parent company for his many ventures. He has created an idea of himself that he must best for else he will never be content. This may seem unimaginable to many and yet there are some of us, like Ego, who see the unimaginable as the only thing imaginable. He is today's mad man and life keeps him up. It is rare that we get to see the makings of a mogul, let's all pay attention. 

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