Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Y'all weren't ready to be blessed. 

Aretha Louise Franklin didn't give a damn.

While many of you are coming for the Queen's delightfully pillowy presence and her unwavering devotion to strapless gowns in sea-foam green, somewhere Adele is fangirling that a GODDESS - a living legend - PAID HER TRIBUTE.

Adele can sleep tight knowing Mama Retha belted raspy old lady falsettos and jigged as far as that mic would let her.


And we can all personally thank Re'Re for the following conversation that surely transpired:

Mama Retha: Cissy, you know I love you. I have this gig coming up on Letterman. Could you sing background?
Aunt Cissy: Girl... I guess. 


Whitney Houston's mama had so many places she would have rather been.

Cissy rejected the light two-step like only a senescent diva could and the other backup singers, Aretha, the band, Letterman, his dry audience, Neil Patrick Harris, and us watching at home had to deal.

This performance is classic.

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